How it works

/qdo start 40

Turns on do not disturb mode (dnd) for 40 mins thus allowing you to focus on your work.

/qdo @John please update the timesheet

While you’re concentrated on your task, your team members can ask you something or create a task for you without interrupting you - the notification and actual message/task for you will be delayed until your reserved time slot is finished. However, they will receive immediate response when your reserved time slot ends, so they will know when you will be available and they can plan their work accordingly. And you will be able to check the questions or tasks once your deep work time slot ends.
Something is really, really urgent? Messages prefixed with ! will interrupt your colleague's dnd mode and get their attention immediately.

Check your tasks

After your dnd time is up, qdo bot notifies you if you received any tasks while you were focused on your work so you can reach your colleagues and help them or finish other small tasks

/qdo stats

Still not sure that qdo will improve your productivity AND your team’s communication?
You can check how many effective hours of focused work you had for a day and the side tasks you finished in between.